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The Power of iP can help your business!
iP Centrex iP Centrex
Hosted voice & data = savings and scalability
iP Trunking iP Trunking
Converged voice & data service to your PBX
iP HybridPBX iP HybridPBX
Strategically implement IP Centrex
iP One iP One
Voice & data at home and on the road
DCANet combines Voice & Data services with Cisco IP technology. Leverage your current Ethernet infra-structure for cost savings and empower your users with advanced phone features.
DCANet is a
Cisco Systems
Registered Partner
Traditional Services
Learn more about many of the Traditional Internet Services offered by DCANet.
Domain Registration
Domain Registration
Web Based Email
Voice & Data Services
DCANet is the choice for personal service. We will customize a Voice & data solution that will fit your needs. Talk to us about your business requirements and we will
work with you. Click Here for More >>
IP Centrex can help make your business become more profitable and increase employee productivity.
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