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DCANet Launches New Webmail Application

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DCANet Launches New Webmail Application

WILMINGTON, DE (August 2002) -- Today DCANet launched its new, feature-enhanced web-based email service.

To provide customers with more features and ease of use, DCANet has deployed a new webmail application. The new DCANet webmail adds many new features, including the ability to create multiple mail folders and to save mail to these folders. Further, you can maintain a contact list, access news and make and maintain notes online. All of this functionality is managed via a web browser.

"The new webmail application is so feature rich that it is possible to use this as your main mail client," said Dr. Keith Duncan, President/CEO of DCANet. "Webmail used to be seen only as an addition to a more traditional type of email. However, with a more sophisticated webmail application, it is indeed possible to use a web browser to access your email and make that your main method to manage your email."

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About DCANet:
DCANet is a premier Internet Service Provider, headquartered in Wilmington, DE, with offices in Philadelphia. Since the early 1990s, DCANet has specialized in providing innovative Internet solutions. DCANet is one of the only ISPs in the region that provides automatic failover and backup for dedicated Internet services. DCANet also provides security and firewall services, web hosting and development, and e-commerce applications.

For more information about DCANet, visit or call 302-654-1019.

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