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What is IP Centrex?

DCANet's IP Centrex product combines PBX services centrally hosted at DCANet's premier datacenter with proven Cisco IP technology at the customer premise. Unlike traditional Centrex services offered by telephone companies, IP Centrex leverages your existing ethernet infrastructure and unifies your voice and data connections to provide cost savings. DCANet's service empowers your business with professional features such as autoattendent, direct inward dial and call center operations as well as empowering your users with advanced phone features such as voicemail, unified messaging, find-me follow-me capabilties, and access anywhere via a personalized web portal.

Why IP Centrex?

In the traditional telephony world, the small and medium businesses have been underserved. Due to the high cost of premise based solutions, the small business has been forced to do without PBX features which can simplify communications or improve customer service, such as call center capabilities, auto attendants, or a sophisticated attendant console. DCANet's solution makes the PBX capabilities affordable, provides added ongoing savings, and access to new, enhanced features and services. All while reducing costs through converging voice and data onto an existing network infrastructure and eliminating the operational complexities of managing a premise based PBX system.

Reduced Capital Investment -

A typical PBX can cost from $15,000 to over $100,000. With IP PBX, your business doesn't make an up-front investment in PBX hardware or software.

Reduced Operating Charges -

With IP Centrex, your business can eliminate the need for costly PBX service contracts. And since DCANet's solution is IP based, your business can combine its voice and data or Internet services over a single connection.

Productivity-Enhancing Applications -

The DCANet Web Portal supports unified messaging, visual voicemail, click-to-dial, and integration of directories and calendars with telephony features. Businesses who have implemented applications like these estimate an hour of increased productivity per week per employee.

Distributed Office -

IP Centrex provides ubiquitous access to the entire set of features. Employees in small branch locations can utilize the same rich feature set as those in the corporate headquarters location. There's no cost penalty like there would be with a premise-based PBX. Since the IP Centrex capabilities are accessed via any type of IP connection, mobile and telecommuting employees can benefit from the same communications capabilities as those in the office.

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