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Please verify that you have your system configured properly.
We appreciate your visit to our site and think you may be happiest if you meet the following recommendations:
 System - Best displayed with the following connection rates and hardware
  Internet connection*: 56K, ISDN, DSL, Cable, T1
  Mac: G3 300 MHz
  PC: Pentium II 300 MHz

 Browser - We recommend either Internet Explorer 4.0+ or Netscape Navigator 4.0+
  Download Microsoft Explorer*:
Download Netscape Navigator*:

 Plug-ins - Please make sure the following plug-ins are installed
Macromedia Flash Player*

 Text - The following are some considerations as it pertains to text and our site.
  The size of text on the Internet can be easily adjusted on your computer. Follow the instructions below if you need to increase the size of text appearing in your browser.
For Netscape Version 3
Under "General Preferences" you will see a selection tab labeled "Fonts". A window will appear that lists proportional font settings and fixed font settings. You will want to adjust the settings for "Proportional Fonts". Adjust accordingly.
For Netscape Version 4
Under the "View" menu item is a selection labeled "Increase Font" and "Decrease Font". Adjust accordingly.
For Internet Explorer
Under the "View" menu item is a selection labeled "Fonts". A sub-menu will appear that will let you set your fonts size to "Smallest, Smaller, Medium, Larger, Largest". Adjust accordingly.
For America Online
Select the button labeled "Prefs" in the top button bar. A window will open with a series of icons on the left side. Select the icon named "Fonts". A window will open which will give you a series of font setting selections. You will notice a pull down selection box labeled "Size". The default setting is 12pt. Adjust accordingly.

 Configuration - Check your configuration below.
Screen size*
For viewing of the DCANet web site, we recommend that your monitor's screen size be set to at least 800 x 600 pixels.
The DCANet web site is optimally viewed with a monitor set to 16 bit or 24 bit color (PC) or thousands or millions of colors (MAC).
Your browser should have its Javascript settings enabled. In Netscape, go to the Network Preferences menu, Languages tab. In Internet Explorer, go to the View menu and select Options, then select the Advanced tab.