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 Internet Access

DCANet offers a full range of Internet access products. Since 1994, DCANet has focused on getting endusers connected to the Internet, from Dialup to DSL to T1s to Wireless. DCANet specializes in taking a particular enduser location and determining the best Internet technology to be used in delivering access. Count on DCANet to deliver the latest technolgy for the best prices.

If you are interested in a particular service that is not listed here, please contact a DCANet representative to find out whether a special arrangement can be made.

Covad Introduces Move Order Support!

This feature is intended to provide Customers with a seamless transition when moving their Covad service from their current site to a new site.  Please contact DCANet sales for details

Click here for Covad DSL rebate forms.

For more information about DCANet Internet Access, call +1 888 4DCANET or send email to sales@dca.net today!