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Internet Security Services

Information and Internet security are important elements of any Internet connectivity solution. DCANet's team of engineers and consultants can help you decide what the proper level of security should be for your implementation.

DCANet can implement, support and manage your Checkpoint Firewall-1 and Cisco PIX security devices, as well as intrusion detection systems and advanced encryption services. A full service information security company, DCANet can provide your organization with VPN services, auditing services, risk assessment, management services, penetration testing and third party systems integration. We also have disaster recovery services and business continuity planning.

Additional services available from DCANet include authentication services, access control authorization, high availability consultation, content inspection / filtering and training your administrators to understand your implementation.

Our team of engineers and consultants can assist with every aspect of securing your Internet services. Please contact sales@dca.net for more information or for a consultation.


  • DCANet's skilled team of engineers and consultants implement state-of-the-art, hardened information security mechanisms
  • Available automated services include event audits, system and configuration backups, and redundant or clustered devices
  • Cisco PIX and Checkpoint Firewall-1 supported
  • Comprehensive review of existing network implementation and security mechanisms

For more information, please e-mail sales@dca.net.