Accessing your Personal Webpage Space
All DCANet users with PPP, PPP + shell or POP e-mail accounts now have the ability to create their own homepage on DCANet's Web server. Note that users who have PPP accounts that do not include POP e-mail are not allocated any space for a webpage.

Each user is allotted a 13-megabyte area of hard-disk space for his or her webpage and e-mail combined. Users can upload files to this space via FTP as described below.

Please keep in mind that DCANet's technical support specialists will not be available to help users with HTML coding and homepage design. For information about HTML programming, you can visit the technical-support links on our homepage (


Follow these simple steps to upload files to your homepage are:

  1. Configure your FTP software to connect to the DCANet webserver
    You will need to configure an FTP client (WS-FTP, Fetch, etc.) so that the hostname to which you are connecting is You should enter the username and password that you currently use for e-mail in the appropriate boxes.
  2. Select the public_html folder
    Change the directory on the remote end of the connection (usually the right side of the window) to public_html.
  3. Upload your web page files
    Upload your graphic and html files. The first page of your homepage should be called index.html (all lowercase letters and .html extension).

The URL for your homepage is -- where username is your DCANet username.


Any illegal activity involving an account is grounds for immediate termination of the account. Such conduct would include, but not be limited to publishing unlawful information and the use of obscene, abusive or otherwise objectionable language in public or, upon registration of a complaint, private messages. DCANet will be the sole arbitrator of what constitutes obscene, abusive or objectionable language or content. DCANet will be the sole judge of what content is in violation of this policy.