General Support
Web form to change your e-mail account password on
What number should I dial?
Find out what DCANET modem and ISDN numbers are local to you.
Instructions on changing your shell/FTP access password on
Personal Web Page Instructions
Instructions on accessing your personal web page.
Change your DCANet modem or ISDN authentication password via a secure web interface.
Setup Information and Downloads
Instructions for dialup, news, and email. Also some useful downloads.
Generate a report summarizing this month's usage statistics for your DCANet dialup account.
DCANet Unsolicited Mail/"Spam" Policy
DCANet's policy statement on spam
Frequently asked questions about checking your email via a web interface.
DCANet Acceptable-Use Policy
Terms and conditions for DCANet subscribers.
ADSL products Setup Information
  Instructions for configuring your DCANet ADSL connection.
DCANet Privacy Policy
DCANet's commitment to privacy
Check your disk quota for mail and web files.
General Questions/FAQ
General and Frequently Asked Questions..
E-mail Options
Enable various options for your
DCANet host e-mail account including
vacation autoresponder and e-mail forwarding.
SPAM Firewall
Instructions of using DCANet's spam firewall.