Configuring Your Home Computer For Verizon/
 Covad ADSL Access
This page contains useful information and technical support links that will help you to configure your home computer to connect over your DSL connection. If you need further help please send e-mail or call DCANet's help desk Monday through Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., and Saturday, noon through 4:00 p.m. at (888) 4DCANET (432-2638).
  • Note: Before configuring TCP/IP settings, an ethernet card and the appropriate drivers must be installed in your computer. Your DSL modem or bridge must be on and connected, and an ethernet cable should be connected between your PC and your DSL modem/bridge.

Windows 2000 Network Settings
A Step by step tutorial on Setting up TCP/IP for DSL

Windows 95/98 Network Settings
A Step by step tutorial on Setting up TCP/IP Windows95/98

Setting Up A Home Network
A Basic Instructions Guide For Making A Home Network.

How To Find Your MAC Address
A tutorial on finding your MAC Address


Windows NT 4.0 Network Settings
A step by step tutorial on connecting with Windows NT 4.0

MAC TCP for Macintosh
Step by step instructions on configuring

Multiple IP addresses for home DSL users

DCANet provide up to six static IP addresses to home DSL users upon request. Be Aware that with Covad ADSL only 5 of theses IP addresses can be assigned to computers, the sixth is used as a default gateway.

By default, only one IP address is provided. To request additional addresses, please send a message to noting your current DCANet username, how many IP addresses you need, and the MAC address of each device needing an IP address. What is a MAC address and how do I find it?

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