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To publish content with Microsoft FrontPage:
  • Using Microsoft FrontPage 2000, open your web, select "File" then "Publish Web."
  • For location, enter the name of your web site. example: www.mycompany.com
  • At the username and password dialog box, enter your assigned username and password.
  • You must publish your web files using the FrontPage publish feature in order for FrontPage Extensions to work properly. Please refer to the FrontPage documentation for additional details.

To create a database connection

To display information from, or input information to, a database, FrontPage uses a database connection. The database connection specifies the name, location, and type of database you want to access.

When you add information from a database to your pages using the Database Results Wizard, in step 1 of the wizard, you can select an existing database connection or create a new one.

You can also create or modify a database connection without using the Database Results Wizard as follows:

  • On the Tools menu, click Web Settings, and then click the Database tab:
    • To create a new database connection, click Add, and then follow the appropriate procedure to create a new database connection to a file or folder in the current web, create a new database connection to a System DSN on a Web server, create a new database connection to a database server on a network, or create a new database connection using a custom definition.
    • To modify an existing database connection, select that connection in the list, click Modify, and then follow the procedure to modify an existing database connection.

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