Web Support -- Getting Started
Uploading your files

Your account has full read/write/execute permissions in your home directory. Within your directory, there are subdirectories for each website you are hosting on DCANet?s Servers. Each subdirectory is represented by the domain name of the particular web site.

To publish content via FTP:

  • Using your favorite FTP client (ftp, WS_FTP, CuteFTP, Netscape Navigator) ftp to "universal.dca.net". Login as yourself, and enter your password.
  • In your directory are subdirectories for each site you are hosting on DCANet?s Servers. Change directory into the site you wish to publish content.
  • PUT your files into the directory. Be sure to use BINARY mode for graphic files (.jpg, .gif, etc) and ASCII mode for text or HTML documents.

To publish content with Microsoft FrontPage:

  • Using Microsoft FrontPage 2000, open your web, select "File" then "Publish Web."
  • For location, enter the name of your web site. example: www.mycompany.com
  • At the username and password dialog box, enter your assigned username and password.
  • You must publish your web files using the FrontPage publish feature in order for FrontPage Extensions to work properly. Please refer to the FrontPage documentation for additional details.

Site Statistics
Free web statistics for all DCANet sites are generated daily. To view your statistics, visit this web page:

http://webstats.dca.net/<domain name>

Where <domain name> is the location of your web page, ex: mycompany.com.

Getting Help

Send email to websupport@dca.net